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The Coffeehouse

The Respite Coffee House

The 12th Annual Respite Center Coffeehouse!!

WHEN: September 9, 2016   7-9PM

WHERE:  Faith Community Church. 146 E. Main Street, Hopkinton  MA.  01746

On September 9, 2016 we will hold our 12th Annual Coffeehouse at the Faith Community Church in Hopkinton. The night is put together by two of our staff, Dan Cloutier and Ricardo Barraza, who with Kim Jennings have formed the new Boston based band;  The Great Molasses Flood.

Over 15 individuals from the Respite Center will join Dan and Ricardo on stage singing, playing the harmonica, guitar or drum for this special event. 

Many of the center’s adults practice for months leading up to the Coffeehouse. You would be amazed at the musical talent that is found in each of them as they join fantastic area musicians to sing in front of hundreds of people.


 "The coffeehouse is an inspirational experience. The entire night is filled with laughter and great talent. The Respite Center is blessed to be given such an incredible gift from so many talented musicians."
-Mary McQueeney

Respite Coffeehouse Therefore We Sing


The 10th Annual Respite Center Coffeehouse was a Tremendous Success!!

DVD & CD For Sale

In 2014, on the 10-year anniversary, we had the night professionally recorded in HD video and audio. We created a DVD and a CD of this special evening which is available for purchase at the Respite Center, and will soon be available through this website. Please check back in a few weeks while we work on setting up the online store.