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100k for 100 Grants

Ricardo Barraza - Monday, June 04, 2018
100k for 100 Grants

The Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center is pleased to announce it has been awarded a grant from the Cummings Foundation. The foundation’s “$100K for 100 Grants”, which supports education, health care, human services, and social justice in Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties, annually make this generous gift to 100 nonprofit organizations.


The Cummings Grant will support the expansion of the Respite Center’s art education program at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA) through 2022. In 2013 the HCA developed the first art class for the Center, teaching acrylic painting. This grant will support new classes in ceramics, dance and music. Art classes will grow to include off-site experiences as well as more classes. This will open the experience up to many more individuals. In 2017, 19 individuals from the Respite Center participated in HCA classes. By 2019 that number is expected to increase to over 100. The art work they’ve produced has been exhibited at the Boston Public Market, at Bittersweet Café in Hopkinton, and in HCA’s Lotvin Family Gallery.

“The work we’ve done with the Respite Center is among the most inspirational and rewarding that I’ve experienced,” HCA director Kris Waldman said. “The adult students have produced truly remarkable work. Broadening and deepening our programs for them advances our mission of providing meaningful art experiences to people of all abilities.

Katie Myer, of Westborough, said she really enjoys taking classes at HCA, calling them “spectacular!” “The art show made me so happy,” she added. “I am famous. Thank you to the Center for the Arts. We love it!” “We have seen the individuals who have participated in the art program flourish in so many ways,”

Respite Center Cofounder and Director Mary McQueeney said. “Of course their artistic talents have grown, but so have their self esteem, their confidence and their genuine sense of pride. The art program challenges their fine motor skills as well as their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. We are so grateful to the Cummings Foundation for giving so many more individuals this wonderful opportunity.”

Press contacts: Albert Hayle, Respite Center at or 857.222.7095 Kris Waldman, HCA at or 508.589.4409


Based in Woburn, Massachusetts, Cummings Foundation, was established in 1986 by Joyce and BillCummings and is now one of the largest foundations in New England. IN addition to its grant programs, the foundation directly operates its own charitable subsidiaries, including New Horizons independent and assisted living communities in Woburn and Marlborough. Its largest single commitment to date has been to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

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